1. Working from a Drawing

This clip shows an initial discussion on the theme of place and home being conducted through the stimulus provided by a drawing. This is a technique used by Margaret Ames to initiate creative responses and is a method of working with this group which is helpful at the beginning of a project in opening up and exploring new ideas. In the clip, Adrian Jones, the author of the work, is discussing a picture he has drawn. Margaret and members of the company comment, ask questions, and prompt further discussion about the picture and the themes appearing in it.

Adrian has drawn an image of Margaret arriving to collect him for rehearsal in her car. The themes of cars, Adrian’s home and the county Ceredigion are discussed, most particularly the refuse collection which is brought up by a company member Andrew in response to Margaret’s question to him: ‘Ceredigion, what about Ceredigion?’ and ‘is there anything else about Ceredigion?’ Transport remains a theme with roads, and services being commented on. Andrew asks about loud noise and who likes that, he talks about road works and ‘dramatic drills’ (pneumatic drills). Cycling and Recycling come up and then as Margaret keeps the question open about what comes to mind about our county, Anna says that we are ‘far away from each other’ and that we have to ‘drive all over the place to see each other’.

2. Physical Warm Up

In this clip, the company are shown in physical warm up work. The first exercise is improvised with a rugby ball and the second is more formal, using energetic music and working in a circle so that everyone sees everyone else. Each person reacts instantly to the music or the previous movement to lead the group and then passes the lead to someone else. In this clip it is Margaret who is leading. Such exercises productively prepare the company for the group movement and improvisation which follow.