1. What is place

This document shows some of the results of this opening activity at Half Moon. Participants are asked to share their responses to the question, ‘What is Place?’. The results of the discussion are instantly typed up by a facilitator and projected in the space, allowing all responses to be saved and seen by the group. This simple opening activity gives the participants’ prior understanding of the key term, ‘place’, allowing the facilitators to build from this understanding. Click on the image above to access the full set of responses as a pdf.

3. Focus on the details

This clip shows facilitator, Vishni Velada Billson leading an activity which prompts the participants to focus on and respond to the tiny details of the place they are in and each other’s appearance. This opening activity provokes a re-viewing of place through details which might not be immediately noticeable and leads into developing material around using the perspective of objects to productively disrupt the performance of everyday places (see In the Studio: ‘Object perspective’).

2. Setting up a virtual sharing place

These images show the posts of the Half Moon participants on the facebook page which was set up by facilitators at the beginning of the project. This ‘virtual place’ allows the work in the weekly sessions to extend and for place based discussion to occur, as well as the sharing of images relevant to the ongoing work. Although a little reticent at first (partly as some did not use facebook), the participants begin to contribute more towards the end of the project and the page becomes a more significant place for sharing their ideas, as well as a place to house the images of work in the studio and the final performance.