Below are a range of links to other projects that may be of interest to performance practitioners working with people on Place. To access subsequent pages, please click on the numbered links at the bottom of each page.

Linked to this website:

Challenging Place
This is the overarching website of the parent project that led to this facilitation website.

Challenging Place Half Moon
As part of considering practice as research in the university sector, we created this website that particularly interrogates the project at the Half Moon Theatre. It offers a breakdown into the themes of the project.

Performing Place
Taking place at Caer Llan in Monmouthshire, this was a ‘laboratory’ experiment in performing place leading to the formation of some of the ideas that ran through Challenging Place.

A Million Minutes
Sarah Cole worked with carers in Islington on a project that culminated in In Kind, a one-person show in a field ambulance about the lives of carers at home. The initial project lasted 18 months.

Jack Scout
A walking performance specific to Silverdale, Lancashire, UK, in which audiences were led by two guides through the heath, along the shore line and over the beach as live music, dance, voice and art evoked its land, sands, skies and sea.

Woven into these impressions was the story of the Matchless, a pleasure boat that was shipwrecked in 1895 with the loss of 34 lives. The work arose from four ‘dialogues’ (see here) between the creative team, the place and the local community. Jack Scout was an ACE-funded project created by Sap Dance and Louise Ann Wilson Company that aimed to evolve new ways of experiencing nature, increase human well-being, explore environmental values and advance the rural arts.

The section titled ‘Four Green Themes’ (see here) explains how site-specific performance makers and their audiences might rediscover the natural world through ‘watching...’, ‘exercising...’, ‘valuing...’ and ‘performing nature’ (Stewart & Wilson 2010). A chapter partly on Jack Scout will be published in Moving Sites (Routledge forthcoming). Jack Scout Redux (2013), the film version of the project and an art work in its own right, is available from Sap Dance at the address given on the homepage of the website.