Below are more links to other projects that may be of interest to performance practitioners working with people on Place. To access subsequent or previous pages, please click on the numbered links at the bottom of each page.

This City's Centre
Devising and producing This City’s Centre was a year long process that involved street interviews and actions, public meetings and discussions, documentary making and guerrilla film screenings, open devising and rehearsals in empty shops, visiting 39 Exeter residents in their home, a museum installation, an interactive map and a live performance.

Created by Blind Ditch, This City's Centre worked together over a 5 month period with associate artists and 7 brave volunteers to create a performance in St Stephen’s House, Princesshay. Blind Ditch is still gathering responses to This City's Centre and practitioners can access more information about their process here

Flat no. 19 by Elli Reservanis; participant, Lynne McCarthy
This installation ran as part of the ‘Market Estate Project’ (2010) in Islington. The visual content featured two previous occupants, recorded and simultaneously projected across the living room walls of the flat. While a temporary resident packed her belongings to move before the demolition of the estate, her predecessors, sprayed graffiti on the walls during a party, and prior to their leaving.

Flat no. 19 ... (continued)
The dismantlement of the Market Estate was conjoined to themes of waste within the installation, which self- consciously reflected both the role of the artist as an interloper within social housing and class interpretation of place.

zURBS is a socially-engaged artistic practice that focuses on participatory processes where a broad variety of people, are encouraged to re-think their local surroundings through imaginative and creative means. zURBS has conducted a series of workshops in cities such as Zurich, Basel, Ghent, Freiburg, Berlin, London, Nordhausen and Monthey.

A workshop may start with sending the participants on a treasure hunt searching the streets for hidden envelopes containing stories that evoke your imagination. Based on these stories, the participants search for objects and things that may be used to articulate the various perspectives, realities and urban imaginaries that their city consists of. This way, the workshops form the base of discussions on how we perceive our city and what we would like our city to be like.