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The Anfield Home Tour
2Up 2Down provides a way for local people to ‘take matters into their own hands’ and make real social and physical change in their neighbourhood. One example of this is the Anfield Home Tour which introduces audiences to the Homebaked community who have set up a community bakery and small cafe in the old premises of Anfield’s last independent bakery. This community bakery is cooperatively owned and is run as a social enterprise that offers training and job opportunities for local residents.

The Anfield Home Tour was developed by Britt Jürgensen in collaboration with Deborah Morgan and Graham Hicks. Original idea by Jeanne van Heeswijk, who is also the artist behind 2Up2Down. The Anfield Home Tour and 2Up2Down were commissioned by Liverpool Biennial.

Reviews of the Anfield Home Tour can be accessed at:

Performing the Ecology of Place: Embodying an Eco-Cultural 'Living History' on Lasqueti Island/Xwe'etay
www.bronwynpreece.com /performance/Performing-the-Ecology-of-Place
On April 13, 2013, local residents ranging from 3 to 70 years of age from the ‘off-the-grid’ island of Lasqueti/Xwe'etay (British Columbia, Canada), performed a collectively-devised ‘independent’ two-hour pastiche-style performance presentation of vignettes gathered from the community that responded to local ecology and the local culture in/on/with the island community Bronwyn Preece calls ‘home.’

This site-specific, equally site-sensitive and sensuous, place-based performance included a pirate invasion, brass bands, shoreline labyrinth walking, bonfires, localised fairy-tale mash-ups, potluck and the unveiling of Lasqueti/Xwey’etay’s first-ever compiled his/herstorical chronology, brought to life and transcribed by the youth of the island.