Below are more links to other projects that may be of interest to performance practitioners working with people on Place. To access subsequent or previous pages, please click on the numbered links at the bottom of each page.

Austins: Memory and Place
Austins: Memory and Place considers the relationship between site and memory in the oldest department store in the world, Austins Department Store in Derry, Londonderry. Austins: Memory and Place is a situated art project considering the dynamics of individual and collective acts of memory making and their relationship to the places they memorialise.

Conceived and directed by Paul Devlin, and produced by Adrian O’Connell, the project was developed through collaboration with a number of associated artists alongside students from the University of Ulster’s School of Creative Arts and Technologies in Derry, Londonderry. The website archives memories of Austins Department Store and a DVD Documentation of live events is available here.

Largactyl Shuffle
CoolTan Arts' guided, stigma-busting cultural walks designed to encourage mental and physical wellbeing, through art, exercise, humour and history. The themed walks are meticulously researched by volunteers who create intriguing talks on local history, arts and mental health. The Community Legacy walks are one such example where walkers uncover secrets of the Olympic and Paralympic boroughs (see here).

The Largactyl Shuffle (continued)
The Largactyl Shuffle is named after the oldest anti-psychotic drug, Largactyl, that can have extreme physical side effects including a distinctive shambolic gait, or ‘shuffling’.

Mapping Morecambe Bay
In Mapping Morecambe Bay, Art Gene collects the 'Seldom Seen' assets of Morecambe Bay, working with the local community, training volunteer 'Place Makers' who work alongside the artists in their research and collection process. This process takes many forms such as 'Seldom Seen' Guided Walks or roadshow events. As a core part of the work, participants are treated to home-cooked food prepared and served outdoors by the artist team at the end of the walk or on-site in village halls.

The whole inclusive sharing process ensures the resulting original art works,are embedded within community and place as well as interpreting the social, natural and industrial heritage of Morecambe Bay.